Hellerwork Structural Integration

Structural Bodywork | Movement Education | Somatic Dialogue

I am a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner in Training and will graduate from the Universal College of the Healing Arts in March 2021. 

I utilize manual therapy techniques to restore the client’s fascia back to it’s natural, healthy state which is elastic and fluid. As more space is created in and around the joints and musculature, the client experiences an alignment that is as dynamic and fluid as it is stable. 

The structural bodywork component of Hellerwork is systematic, following a series of 11-sessions. Each session has a focus on achieving alignment in a certain area of the body, with the overarching goal of supporting the whole body.

The client also receives movement lessons that focus on integrating the newly achieved pattern, and exploring new possibilities for self expression through movement.

During the session I work with the client in a process called somatic dialogue. This dialogue supports the client in developing a deeper mind-body connection. Simply, it helps one become aware of how their thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect their body, and how their body affects their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It gives the client the opportunity to ground emotions in the body, and to explore what emotions underlay physical sensations. 

Learn more about the series of eleven sessions and the benefits they offer below.



Experience greater ease and depth in your breathing.

Connect with your postural Line.

Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Improve balance and enhance fluid movement through the legs and feet.

Reaching Out

Develop length through the sides of the body and increase fluid movement of the shoulder girdle.

Control and Surrender

Allow movement to flow from the core and improve awareness of the relationship between your pelvic floor and inner leg.

The Guts

Allow the belly to activate and release in appropriate function. 

Gain awareness and learn to engage the psoas while walking.

Holding Back

Gain awareness of the back body and improve fluid movement of the spine.

Losing your Head

Is your mind separate from your body?

The Feminine

Improve rotational movement capacities in the lower-body and experience more ease in your stance in life.

The Masculine

Improve rotational movement capacities in the upper-body and experience more balance in standing.


Experience more space and fluid movement in your joints.

Coming Out

What is next for you?

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Samuel Beecher is a student at the Universal College of the Healing Arts and will graduate as a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner in March 2021.