Connect with More Meaningful Movement while Improving
Coordination | Rhythm | Strength | Mobility

I integrate practices from a number of different disciplines to provide nourishment's that extend beyond the physical.

These practices include primal movement flow, functional movement, yoga, dance, calisthenics, weight-lifting, plyometrics, tree climbing, and a new perspective on day-to-day movements like sitting, standing, and walking.

In our work together, you will build practical strength and functional mobility through my mixed-methods approach to movement. 

More than this, I work with you to create a practice that feeds your passion for life, increases your sense of aliveness, and connects you to your environment.



Functional Movement for More Active Fatherhood


Naturaletics Movement Flow 


Strength through Movement

Mobility, Yoga, Self-Care, and Community

In this class we focus on improving your range of motion so you can perform functional movements with greater ease. For fathers, I consider these functional movements to include floor sitting, squatting, balancing, lifting, carrying, and walking. To this end, I utilize techniques from functional range conditioning, yoga, and manual therapy to support you in performing these movements with ease and integrity. This class will not be silent. You will be invited to respond to prompts and engage in dialogue with other participants related to fatherhood to support more carryover into your family lifestyle.

Ground-Based Movement, Hand-balancing, and Creative Exploration

Following Ido Portal's method of isolation, integration, and improvisation we begin this class with joint integrity exercises and follow this by isolating and drilling specific ground-based movements and hand-balancing skills which we then integrate into a sequence of movements you can perform. I utilize games and creative exploration that follow a constraint led learning approach to develop your skills faster. I weave in story, poetry, and guiding questions to support a deeper and more meaningful practice.

Exploring Strength and Power in the Outdoors

Strength training doesn’t have to follow a strict set of percentages, sets, and reps. Strength training doesn’t have to be exercise. Strength training can be a form exploration, an expression of your power. In this class, we utilize natural human movements like squatting, lifting, pressing, crawling, climbing, and throwing to connect with our bodies strength and power. In addition to your body and the environment, I also bring kettlebells, sandbags, tree logs, gymnastics rings, and a climbing rope to supplement your movement experience.