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Connect with Meaningful Movement

Somatic Awareness | Developmental Patterns | Structural Exercises | Movement Flow | Improvisation | Play


Mixed Methods Movement: Finding Flow and Strength with Ease

This class is structured in a way that leads the students through a variety of movements from different disciplines. I teach them in a progression of isolation, integration, and then improvisation. We begin this class with joint exercises and explorations then follow this by isolating and drilling specific floorwork, ground-based movements, and hand-balancing skills. We then integrate these movements into a sequence that takes them to the floor, in the air, and around the room with opportunities to improvise and explore. I finish the class with body weight strength movements and somatic practices to help them connect with strength and ease.

This class is not currently being taught.

Embodiment Exploration

This class integrates intuitive and improvisational movements with embodiment practices and structural exercises to support our body organization, spatial orientation, emotional awareness, and resilience as we find resources in deeper embodiment. I lead participants through a series of gentle and nourishing movement explorations that help them awaken, inhabit, and explore different regions of their body. Each class has a somatic theme which helps students integrate the physical and emotional body and I weave in anatomy, ecology, music, and poetry to connect the movement explorations with the somatic theme.

This class is hosted by "Be Moved" yoga movement studio in downtown Lawrence on Friday mornings from 9:30-10:30am.

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