Connect with Meaningful Movement

Somatic Awareness | Developmental Patterns | Structural Exercises | Movement Flow | Improvisation | Play

Mixed Methods Movement: Finding Flow and Strength with Ease

Following a method of isolation, integration, and improvisation we begin this class with joint integrity exercises and follow this by isolating and drilling specific ground-based movements, floor flow, rolls, and hand-balancing skills which we then integrate into a sequence of movements you perform that take you to the floor, in the air, and around the room. I finish the class with body weight strength movements and somatic practices to help you move with more confidence and ease. Throughout the class I utilize games and creative exploration, weave in story, poetry, and guiding questions to support a deeper and more meaningful practice.

Hellerwork Movement

This class integrates intuitive and improvisational movement with structural exercises and a body-centered dialogue to understand body organization, emotional expression, and relational patterns. I lead you through techniques that assist you to awaken and inhabit your body and guide you in explore developmental movement patterns like rolling, crawling, reaching, and stretching. Throughout the class I weave in story, poetry, and embodiment practices to support a deeper and more meaningful practice.