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Exploring your Place in the World
Integrative Movement & Bodywork Session

Sunset in the Woods

Structural Bodywork | Movement Flow | Embodiment Education | Somatic Inquiry

From Scenery to Possibility: The way you move and the environments you move through impact every part of you. I invite you into an eco-somatic exploration with an integrative movement and bodywork session for deepening connection to Self and the World.

The Integrative Movement and Bodywork session gives you an opportunity to dive deeper into your body, explore the ecology in your community, and to notice the relationships between the two. Our work together is dynamic, integrating movements and practices from different disciplines to provide nourishment that extends beyond the physical.  

Each session is co-created by myself and the client. We will work together to choose a place for the work that is meaningful and safe and dialogue about potential pathways for our session. A location may be in your home garden, next to your favorite tree, a walk in the woods, or next to the river. The bodywork can take place on the Earth or a mat and will also happen sitting, standing, and in movement. Other props will be available for support and use. 

Our work together may include somatic awareness, conscious breathing, mindful movement, structural bodywork, and somatic dialogue. Some sessions may include more bodywork and dialogue, focusing on the inner landscape while others explore the outer landscape with more dynamic movement. 

I’m honored to invite you into this exploration together. Please contact me at my email for inquires about an Integrated Movement and Bodywork Session. 

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