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Men Moving Together: A Year Long
Body-Centered Journey

Exploring the “inner trails” of your body, utilizing the Hellerwork® Structural Integration series as a map for the territory.


We Heal In Relationship

I believe there is an intimate relationship between movement and self-expression. This year long journey will explore that relationship using body-centered practices that will support you in expanding your range of (e)motion and deepen your connection and engagement with Self, Other, and the world around you. 

The four pillars of our practice together will be Embodied Anatomy, Somatic Awareness, Mindful Movement, and Authentic Expression. Each month there will be a focus on a different region of your body with a somatic theme accompanying that region.


Awaken, Inhabit, and Explore your Body

Embodied Anatomy: Utilizing skeletal models, self-touch, and guided imagery you will receive an integrative introduction about your anatomy.

Somatic Awareness: Body-centered meditations and somatic practices will support you to inhabit this part of your body with more presence and awareness. 

Mindful Movement: Gentle and nourishing movements will be sequenced together into a flow that will bring you into a variety of shapes. At times these movements will be on a yoga mat and other times you will be moving around the room. These movements will be offered as guided explorations rather than prescriptive exercises.

Authentic Expression: A variety of body-centered communication tools will be integrated at the end of each class as a way to practice authentic expression and to process your experience in the class. These include Authentic Relating games, Non Violent Communication, Wild Mind Exercises, Drama, Dance, and Sharing Circles.


How We Will Move Together

Example Map for a Month:

  • Somatic Theme: UnderStanding

  • Body Region: Legs, Feet, and Pelvis

  • Movement Exploration: Weight Shifting, Momentum, and Walking

  • Dialogue: Lightness, Freedom, Standing on Your Own 

Opportunities for More Practice: 

  • At each session you will receive a PDF that outlines body-centered practices you can continue to explore in your home, in nature, and in your relationships.

  • Discounted Hellerwork Structural Integration Sessions

  • Weekly Hellerwork Movement Classes at Be Moved Studio



  • Location: Be Moved Studio, Lawrence, KS

  • Day: 3rd Sunday of the month, January-December 2022

  • Time: 1:30-4:30

  • Cost: $500

For more details, please reach out to me at

Men Moving Together: Classes
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