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Appointment Details: Pro Gallery

Appointment Details

Fees and Policies

Pricing is $110 for 90 minutes.

I accept Cash, Check, Card and Venmo.

If you need to cancel an appointment I ask for 24 hours notice. Due to covid-19 I do not require payment for late cancellations.

Preparation and Dress

On the day of your session please do not use any body lotion or oil before coming to your session as this can impact my ability to work with your body. 

For dress, I recommend wearing underwear, short spandex, running shorts. Tops are optional and if you choose to wear a top I recommend a loose fitting bra, tank top, or shirt.

I can also perform the work over clothing so getting undressed is not a requirement. I empowerment the client to choose what clothing feels safe and appropriate for their needs.

It is important to be comfortable in what you are wearing since we will be working in several sitting and lying positions and walking and standing before, during, and after your sessions. 

Session Details

Sessions typically last 90 minutes and include an opportunity to talk about any changes that happened between sessions, a discussion about symptoms, structural assessment, bodywork, movement education, and somatic dialogue.

The structural assessment is a time where I have the client sit, stand, and walk. I may place my hands on the pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, or other places on the body to feel for subtle imbalances in alignment. I utilize this information to create a coherent and supportive plan for the session.

A majority of the bodywork takes place on the table with the client lying on their front, back, or side. During some sessions the client may receive work in all of these positions and may get off of the table several times to feel the contrast before and after an area was worked on. I also perform hands on tissue work with the client in sitting, standing, and in movement.

Movement education is integrated into all aspects of the work and ranges from inviting the client to notice which foot is holding more weight to more specific and detailed movement cues to improve posture, balance, and coordination. At the end of each session I typically integrate structural exercises to support a specific region of the body.

During the session I may invite the client into a process that we call somatic dialogue. This is a body centered dialogue that supports the client in deepening their mind-body connection and improving their interoception - a sense that helps you understand what is happening inside of your body. Each session also has a theme that is associated with that specific part of the body. Themes include: Inspiration, Standing on Your Own Two Feet, Reaching Out, Control and Surrender, Vulnerability, and more. This exploration gives the client the opportunity to understand their physical and emotional needs on a deeper level, move stuck energy, release old patterns, and integrate new ways of being.

Covid-19 Protocols

 Masks are required in the building I work in. (Younger children are not required to do so.)

Clients may not whether through our front door and wait in our lobby. Please practice social distancing in our common spaces.

I will check your temperature at the beginning of your appointment, and please wash your hands or use our hand sanitizer when you arrive.

Cancel your appointment if you or your family member as have illness symptoms or have been explored to covid. Please notify us if you develop potential covid symptoms in the day immediately after your session.

You will get a more detailed email regarding Covid-19 after you schedule a session.


I am a member of Vitality Health Collective and Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy. We are a collective of holistic manual therapists who are committed to improving people’s health through bodywork. Practitioners at the collective offer a wide variety of complementary health services, which are highly effective in reducing pain, relaxing your mind and body, and improving wellbeing. Services include Craniosacral Therapy, Hellerwork Structural Integration, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Massage Therapy, Neural Mobilization, Rolfing, and Visceral Manipulation. Learn more about Kinetikos.

The office is located at 401 Arkansas St, Lawrence, KS, 66044.

Appointment Details: FAQ
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