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I’m honored, humbled, and inspired when I read what clients have experienced working with me.

Testimonials: Testimonials

For a while I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more mobility work in my movement routine, and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Hellerwork and Samuel’s class that I realized this is exactly what I needed. Hellerwork goes beyond just functional mobility. It’s a lesson on being intentional with movement as well as surrendering to our natural environment. The guided motions help increase my fascial, spatial, and energy awareness. One minute I’m mindfully exploring a full range of motion, and the next minute I’m taking this movement pattern across the floor with fluidity and spontaneity. Samuel weaves into the class poetry, music, and visualization cues that help us better connect the physical body with the emotional and spiritual self. It’s a practice I’ve come to value as an integral part of my personal mission to be more present in my life and to move through it more fully, intentionally, and with ease."


In January of 2020, I was looking for ways to improve my mobility and generally feel better in my own body.  Aging was taking its toll, and I was grieving the loss of movement.  A friend suggested I try Hellerwork, and directed me to Samuel.  It was a life changing moment for me!

Through the series of individual Hellerwork sessions, Samuel was able to help me find my ability to move and connect with my body again.  I began to find the joy in movement I had as a child, even to the point of being able to dance in my own 59-year- old body.  Joy was returning to my life!

Taking the first step was scary-being willing to share my limitations about my body was challenging for me, but Samuel’s professional and kind manner quickly eased my fears.  He presented everything in an easy- to- understand way, and there was never any judgement about what I “should” be doing or feeling.  His innate ability to accept me where I was enabled me to stretch my own limitations and reach further than I thought possible.

I am now taking his movement class on a regular basis.  My experience with him in the individual sessions is now going a step beyond, and I am exploring and finding the abilities I thought I’d lost.  In the movement class, Samuel directs us through a series of different body explorations and movements, challenging us in a gentle way to examine and revel in what our bodies can do and be.  There is no judgement about how much or little we can do, only encouragement and fun!  

I am rejuvenated and uplifted after a class with Samuel, and I encourage everyone to join us and find joy in the movement of their body!


I am a believer in Hellerwork!  Hellerwork has transformed my body, improved the way I move, and empowered me to make lasting changes.  Samuel is a gifted healer and a wonderful person.  I especially appreciate that our sessions are interactive and educational.  Together, we have realigned my body and improved my flexibility and movement.  I will never be the same again!  

Every time I attend Samuel's movement classes, I feel better emotionally and physically.  Each class is focused on a specific area to explore with movement, play, and connection.  Afterward, my body moves with an easy grace and fluidity that helps me meet my day.  

Samuel is so kind, professional, and knowledgeable.  He is a wonderful intuitive teacher.  I learn something new about myself during each session.  Thanks to Samuel, I stand taller and with confidence.


Samuel Beecher has been an incredible healer and teacher on many levels. His deep intellect and skills are complemented by a highly compassionate, intuitive and collaborative approach. He has enabled me to feel more embodied, centered and calm during a difficult time and reinforced the mind-body connection for me on a profound level.


I started working with Samuel after physically recovering from a complex chronic illness. I often felt disconnected, flat and my emotional health continued to suffer. After 3 years and many failed methods to feel like my pre-illness vibrant self I discovered Hellerwork. Only a few sessions with Samuel, and the reconnection to self quickly developed. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to begin healing my emotional and spiritual health. A few short months later, and I’m now on the path to feeling complete alignment in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I recommend anyone that is struggling to create positive movement in any aspect of their life to give Hellerwork a try with Samuel. He creates a comfortable space to bring about true, meaningful healing.


After every bodywork session Samuel took the time to practice additional ways of integrating support through creative movements and embodied awareness. His approach to bodywork is both gentle and firm, using his touch to support not only a release but a connection to my own body. During our work together I learned how to open up and understand the role that the somatic dialogue plays in supporting the series. Samuel was professional, respectful, and I developed trust and confidence in opening up to him on a deep level.


I have worked with Samuel as a student, colleague, and therapist. In all of these different roles, Samuel is consistently warm, kind, thoughtful, and engaged. In session, he combines manual therapy with exploratory dialogue to help you connect with and improve your relationship with your body. His touch and words are always considerate and sensitive, which provides space for lovely, positive change in his sessions. Receiving a series of sessions with Samuel can be illuminating and liberating, and he is a great guide for your healing process.


…In my work with Samuel I felt very cared for and came away transformed in my body, more free in my movements…


…In my sessions with Samuel I always felt safe, held, and supported…


I hope you found these testimonials helpful. Please be in touch with any questions.

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