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Work in a Series of 11-Sessions to systematically realign the body

One powerful way of working together is to go through the Hellerwork Structural Integration series of 11 sessions. The series is structured in a systematic way to help create changes in the physical and emotional body. Each session has a focus on achieving alignment in a certain area of the body, with the overarching goal of supporting the whole body.

How the 11-series unfolds

The Superficial Sessions:


Sessions #1-3 focus on the surface, or “superficial” layers and connective tissues in your body, the ones associated with those muscles that are near the surface of your body – also called the “sleeve” muscles.

The Core Sessions:


Sessions #4-7 focus on the deeper musculature and connective tissues in your body. These core muscles, also called “intrinsic”, assist you in fine motor movement producing graceful and fluid movement.


Prior to Hellerwork, these muscles are often under utilized, tight and immobile.

The Integrative Sessions:


Sessions #8-11 will integrate your core and sleeve tissues and layers. Rotational pattern reversal and overall healthy joint functionality are goals of these integrative sessions.


Most sessions will include movement education to support your own exploration and understanding of how you use your body in daily life – and where changes, shifts and new habits can prolong the benefits of the bodywork and sustain your new sense of rejuvenation – session 11 will include a review of all of the movement education work.

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