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Youth Work

Mind-Body Youth Mentoring:
Working to support and inspire the next generation 

My Passion for Youth Work 

I am passionate about this work because I believe that the more connected youth are to their bodies, emotions, and environment, the more invested and skilled they will become in being stewards of the world. By fostering this deep connection, they are more likely to act towards social and environmental justice, creating a positive impact on their communities and beyond. This holistic approach not only supports their personal growth but also empowers them to contribute meaningfully to a more just and sustainable world. We all need positive mentorship, and I was fortunate to receive that from coaches and teachers during my youth. I aim to be that mentor for these young people, guiding them towards a brighter future. 

Current Projects

I volunteer at Van Go, a non-profit that empowers at-risk youth through community art projects. In my class, "Movement, Mindfulness, and Self-Discovery," I design an accessible curriculum to help students safely explore their bodies and understand the connection between movement patterns and emotions. They gain skills and resources to be more resilient, learning practices to regulate their nervous systems. Enhanced physical and emotional literacy has been shown to support mental health, which we emphasize in our sessions. 


In the Fall 2024 I am partnering with a non-profit to develop and implement a physical and ecological literacy curriculum for a group of home school junior high students. Every other Friday, learners will embark on an enriching journey where the physical and ecological intersect. They will engage in dynamic activities to cultivate a holistic understanding of their bodies and the environment. The mornings will focus on body integrity practices, somatic awareness development, and various movement practices including games, while the afternoons will involve ecologically oriented service-learning projects such as trail clearing, tree planting, and garden work. Each day will have a theme that connects physical and ecological practices, ensuring an integrated learning experience. 



I also offer bodywork sessions for youth at a lower rate to encourage parents to provide this opportunity for their children. Bodywork is not only beneficial for injury recovery but also offers a quiet space for relaxation, unplugging, and deepening their connection with their bodies in a safe environment. I have worked with several youth ages 8-16 to recover from injury, support focus in school, help regulate their nervous system, and be a safe presence for them. 

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