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Youth Work

What sets Mind-Body Youth Mentoring approach apart is the unique combination of bodywork, movement education, somatic dialogue, and nature connection.


I am dedicated to providing a unique and transformative experience for teenagers seeking support and guidance on their journey toward self-discovery, confidence, and personal growth. 

As a Hellerwork Practitioner, I offer a holistic approach that combines bodywork, movement education, and somatic dialogue to empower young individuals in their pursuit of maturation, growth and well-being. By creating a safe and nurturing space, I aim to help them explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences while offering guidance and perspective. 

The bodywork table is a unique place to explore their emotions as it’s different from sitting in front of a parent, counselor, or therapist where they are often asked to narrate emotional experiences they may not fully understand. 

It’s been powerful to see how clients have opened up and come to understand themselves.


Imagine the setting: relaxed with their eyes closed, being guided through a self-awareness practice, receiving anatomically precise bodywork that helps lower their stress levels, and a comfortable space created to help them feel safe. 

I understand the unique challenges that teenagers face today, and I believe going beyond the therapy room to connect with the real world is critical. 

Nature becomes the space where we deepen our relationship as we embark on invigorating walks in the woods, sit by the river, explore the patterns the roots of a tree make, or other nature based activities to encourage physicality and foster a deep connection with the world around us. By exploring nature together, it’s possible to tap into a wellspring of growth, grounding, and beyond-human wisdom. 

During the time outdoors, I continue to maintain professional therapeutic boundaries, but the relationship changes as we talk side-by-side.

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Integration is the key


What sets Mind-Body Youth Mentoring approach apart is the unique combination of bodywork, movement education, somatic dialogue, and nature connection. By integrating these modalities, I provide a truly holistic and whole person experience. 

  • Bodywork helps them reconnect with their physicality, release tension, and develop a positive relationship with their bodies. 

  • Movement education enhances their kinesthetic awareness and supports the exploration of new possibilities for self-expression. 

  • Somatic dialogue delves into the rich landscape of their inner experiences, fostering self-reflection and personal growth. 

  • Lastly, nature connection offers a profound sense of grounding, inspiration, and a broader perspective on life. 


Together, these elements create a powerful synergy that empowers teenagers to embrace their authenticity, navigate challenges, and cultivate a deep sense of well-being and purpose.

My work stands as a valuable resource for teenagers who are navigating difficulties in school, seeking a male role model, desiring confidence in their bodies, or grappling with anxiety and depression. 

Whether as a standalone form of support or as a supplement to ongoing therapeutic work, my Mind-Body Youth Mentoring provides a comprehensive approach that nurtures the whole person.

Collaboration and coordinated care are essential components of holistic support. With the teenager's and parent’s consent, I am more than willing to coordinate my services with their other care providers. By fostering a collaborative approach, we can ensure a cohesive and effective support system that best serves the individual's needs.

If you are searching for a transformative and empowering experience for your child, I invite you to explore the possibilities of Mind-Body Youth Mentoring with me. Together, we can embark on a journey that embraces their unique potential, helps them overcome challenges, and cultivates a deep sense of confidence and growth.

Learn more about how Mind-Body Youth Mentoring can support your teenager's journey toward self-discovery and well-being. 

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