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More Movement
In Body and Heart


Build a relationship with your body and the world around you.

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The way you move and the environments you move through impact every part of you.


You can Move with Joy, Comfort, and Ease


When I am working with a body, I am working with much more than just “a body.”
My work is heart-centered and I strive to see, honor, and work with the whole person.

Do you feel disconnected from parts of yourself?

Do sore muscles and joints inhibit you from expressing yourself fully?

Do you want to find gratitude and work in partnership with your body?

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Experience Aliveness

Structural Bodywork combined with Movement Education and Somatic Dialogue offers clients new possibilities and strengthens the body-mind connection.

  • ​Develop a higher level of sensitivity to your physical and emotional needs.

  • Improve your capacity to meet those needs with comfort and ease.

  • Enhance your ability to recognize physical, emotional, and relational patterns.

  • Utilize your body as a resource for authentic expression.

  • Deepen your connection and engagement with the world around you. 

  • Improve your range of (e)motion.


Hi, I'm Samuel Beecher.

My work as a Structural Bodyworker and Natural Movement Educator is centered in mindful, compassionate dialogue. I invite your relationship with body, sensation, and emotion to be filled with curiosity and compassion.

The training I've received in functional anatomy, structural assessment, and biomechanics supplements my intuitive, play-based approach to healing and movement.

A title of an essay by Gary Snyder has turned into words of comfort as I navigate my own healing journey: On the Path, Off the Trail. 

I’m dedicated to exploring the depths of being embodied, and am grateful to have the support of my teachers and mentors as guides along the way. I look forward to sharing these gifts with you.


Let’s Connect

(785) 551-2485

Samuel Beecher is a student at the Universal College of the Healing Arts and will graduate as a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner in March 2021.