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Awaken & Inhabit
Your Body with
Somatic Awareness &
Mindful Movement


You can Move with Joy, Comfort, and Ease

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When I am working with a body, I am working with much more than just “a body.”
I strive to see, honor, and work with the whole person.


Aliveness, Embodiment,

Hellerwork® Structural Integration is a unique and powerful body-centered therapy that combines Structural Bodywork with Movement Education and Somatic Dialogue. Hellerwork addresses the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of the client and provides facilitation and tools to create new perspectives that inspire awareness, empowerment, and choice.

​—Develop a higher level of sensitivity to your physical and emotional needs.

—Improve your capacity to meet those needs with comfort and ease.

—Enhance your ability to recognize physical, emotional, and relational patterns.

—Utilize your body as a resource for authentic expression.

—Deepen your connection and engagement with the world around you. 

—Improve your range of (e)motion.


Connect with more meaningful movement while improving coordination, rhythm, strength, and mobility in my dynamic and fun classes.


Hi, I'm Samuel Beecher.

My work as a Structural Bodyworker and Movement Educator is centered in mindful, compassionate dialogue. I invite your relationship with body, sensation, and emotion to be filled with curiosity and compassion.

The training I've received to become a Certified Hellerwork® Practitioner has supplemented my intuitive, play-based approach to movement and the body with advanced manual therapy techniques, structural and postural assessment, biomechanics, movement education, and somatic dialogue.

Hellerwork has transformed the way I relate to my body, has brought new meaning and understanding into my life, and continues to deepen my connection with my self, others, and the world around me. I’m honored and inspired to practice this powerful work at Kinetikos Heath Collective, a place where three generations of my family have received healing and support. 


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